My name is Maurice Ware and I am a designer that wears several hats (Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, and Animation, Photography, Interactive Media Design, Motion Graphics, Web Design and Development, etc.)…You name it and I’ve probably done it! Thank you for taking the time to visit
  my web portfolio!

My professional education began at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. While attending, I benefited greatly from a wide-array of course that taught me the creative possibilities of design and multimedia. I earned a Bachelors’ in Media Arts and Animation in 2002. After completing my education at the Art Institute I decided to share the knowledge I gained with others by becoming an instructor. To fulfill this desire, I attended The University of Phoenix, in which, I successfully obtained my Masters’ degree in 2006. In addition, I developed an interest in web design and development and I made the decision to return to school and earn a Bachelors’ degree in Web Design from Westwood College in 2011.

I believe that both my educational and professional experiences have aided me in developing a valuable skill-set for solving a variety of creative problems. With the ever-changing landscape of media, design, and technology, it is important to develop an understanding of the advancements and discovered the best methods for their implementation. This portfolio will serve as a showcase of my constant creative advancement.  
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